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What is Common to ALL Children?

They lose their baby teeth!  That's why our adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows make such practical AND fun gifts at any time of the year. 

How Our Tooth Fairy Pillows
are Made and Personalized

Our Tooth Fairy Pillows are made entirely in the USA!  They measure 6"x8", and the outside is made of 50/50 poly-cotton fabric.  The inside is stuffed with polyfill, then they are richly trimmed in quarter-inch piping to give them a finished look.  On the front of the pillow next to the professionally and permanently attached design is a little 3"x3" pocket, which is for the name, the tooth, and the money that the Tooth Fairy leaves!

We carefully personalize each and every Tooth Fairy Pillow by hand with a permanent fabric paint pen, then stars or hearts are added in a coordinating color.  They are adorable!